Large Freestanding Pub with Real Estate


This unique restaurant/sports pub offers 2 bars, outside seating, function room with stage for live bands and a separate breakfast/lunch restaurant. The pub has recently been renovated adding new equipment, outdoor patio and other improvements. The current owner will help finance the sale of the business, no mortgage on the property.

Sales: Pub $1,675,000
Location: Plymouth County
Facility: 10,000 sq. ft.
Rent: TBD
Seats: 100 plus outdoor seating for 46
Parking: Plenty
Licenses: Common Victualer, full liquor, & entertainment
Asking: $1,650,000 for business and real estste



TAVERN AT WRENTHAM: Recently closed pub with sales history of over $18k a week. All F. F. & E along with the real estate (better to own than rent) offered at $675k. The town of Wrentham appraised the property at $610k. With all the updates along with the F. F. E makes this a great deal.

Sales: Pasr weekly sales were $18k+ 60% liqour
Location: 263 Shears St Wrentham, MA
Facility: 3.794 sq ft
Seats: 168
Parking: Plenty
Licenses: Common Victualer, Full Liquor, and Entertainment.
Asking: $675,000.00