HRI Executive Search Division

HRI Executive Search Division has been operating for over 37 years. We realize the difficulty that operators experience in their independent search for strong candidates. In some cases corporate growth is slowed due to this issue. Restauranteurs have the capitol but are lacking in the area of properly placed individuals. Have you heard the phrase, “Successful People Surround Themselves with Successful People”? One of our clients put it so eloquently “I need Effective Management – I have Defective Management.”

We establish a relationship with industry professionals who are working, but seeking a better opportunity. We have the ability to do this based on our individualized style of recruiting. These professional trust, depend, and list with us for this reason.

Our searches range from Presidents of National/Regional Companies, to Floor Managers and Key Kitchen Management positions, and all Management levels in between. We have worked and are currently working with major chains from Chili’s-Panera Bread-TGIF to Regional/Local Chains, Legal Seafood, Not Your Average Joes, 99 Restaurants and the Back Bay Restaurant Group.

We also work with many independents that are looking to enhance or expand their businesses.

If you are a national or local chain looking to expand, click on our Corporate Expansion Division-there are incredible opportunities for you to sign up with us. Whether you’re a Client looking for assistance, or a Candidate looking for a better opportunity, we are the people to partner with.

For further information, please contact us: 781-821-1112
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