HRI Corporate Expansion Division

HRI Services Corporate Expansion Division is designed to assist restaurant companies that are looking to expand. Enrolling as a member of HRI Corporate Expansion Division allows you to become one of our Corporate Partners which enables you to utilize all of our unique services.

How this works

HRI Services will formulate your “company profile package.” Your “company profile package” will be utilized in our marketing effort to find you new opportunities. Your information is always held confidential and is only released upon your approval.

Our Director of Marketing is Kial Conway, who will be marketing our services to the constituents and affiliates:

  • Corporate Commercial Developers
  • Private Developers
  • Identified Independent Commercial Brokers
  • Buyers Agents
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Accounting Firms
  • Hospitality Trade Organizations-The Massachusetts Restaurant Association and The National Restaurant Association
  • Traditional Lending Institutions
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Non-Traditional Private Investors

The above clients have multiple opportunities to assist in any of our Corporate Partner Concepts. HRI will be available to make presentations on every type of opportunity

Each of our Corporate Partners has a completed “company profile package”, which is compiled in presentation format. A copy of this “company profile package” will be in your possession and a copy will remain with the office of HRI Services.

The company profile package includes the following information:

  • Concept
  • Company History
  • Criteria
  • Pictures of exterior/interior
  • Current menus
  • Past / Present marketing materials
  • Restaurant reviews


As a Corporate partner you have the exclusive right to utilize the services of our Executive Search Division at a premium discount. This division was founded 37 years ago and has been a leading force in providing all levels of management to restaurants/hotels, regional, and national chains.

This division services:

  • All levels of Management
  • Kitchen Managers/Chef positions
  • Food/Beverage Managers
  • Sales and Marketing positions
  • All levels of Corporate Management positions

We will find exactly what your looking for! Your biggest Human Resource problem has been solved. No other company has this Human Resource relationship.

For further information, please contact
Tim Harris-Vice President of Business Development-
Office: 781-821-1112
Cell: 781-267-1504